Shaped by the Bay of Fundy

Hole in the wall

The largest of the three Fundy Isles, with a population of around 2,500 people, Grand Manan offers visitors an abundance of activities. Whale watching, bird watching, hiking, exploring parks, and scouting out all the lighthouses, to name a few. A favorite activity is taking a boat tour around the island to see whales, birds, seals and other marine wildlife. With working fishing villages, herring weirs and lighthouses, visitors are treated to a glimpse of authentic maritime culture. While visiting, it is also essential to try the world famous Grand Manan dulse.

Visitors will have an endless list of must see areas on Grand Manan, from the Anchorage Provincial Park, to the seven different lighthouses at all ends of the island, as well as the unique shops and galleries scattered all around the interior.