Enjoy the Tides

Home of New River Beach and the Clipper Shipp Motel, the small village of Pocologan is located on the Bay of Fundy between Saint John and St. George. Although it is one of the smallest communities in the Charlotte Coastal Region, it is one of the most fascinating.

New River Beach - kayak
When driving through Pocologan, there are many roads you can take, including McCarthy’s Point Road, that offer a beautiful view of the town. You can see the prominent red roofs of the Clipper Shipp Motel, and the small but captivating view of the town from across the bay.

The Clipper Shipp Motel is the perfect destination for the traveller who really wants to soak up the natural beauty New Brunswick has to offer, with each room having a view onlooking the gorgeous Bay of Fundy. Very near to the motel is the BayBreeze restaurant; a great choice for any traveler that wishes to eat a great meal looking over a beautiful view.