The Middle of Everywhere

St. Stephen, established by the United Empire Loyalists fleeing north after the American War of Independence in 1784, is proud of its rich heritage. Settled by hardy people and developed by entrepreneurs, the community ‘looked to the river’ for commerce and prosperity. From the earliest days the St. Croix River and the Ferry Point Bridge defined St. Stephen as a border community with Calais, Maine ‘_MG_0141x3just the other side.’

The town, incorporated in 1871, weathered a devastating fire in 1876, overcame the disappearance of large-scale lumbering and shipbuilding in the early 1900’s, and diversified its economic base to the present day.

Residents are proud of their historic community with their stately homes and tree-lined streets, museums and fine shops, parks, and views of the river. Hospitable people and a friendly atmosphere are just a part of St. Stephen, Canada’s Chocolate Town, The Middle of Everywhere.