10 Ways to “Beat The Heat” in Charlotte County

It’s the perfect day- the sun is shining, the sky is blue- that is, until you step outside. The blistering, melting heat of summer 2018 is bringing quite the punch to everyone in Charlotte County. It’s always beautiful here this time of year, but sometimes we forget about how sweaty and icky it can get when doing all those fun-summertime-things. Regardless, have NO fear, because here are the BEST ways to cool down this summer in between your adventures.

#10: Something’s Brewing Café (St. Stephen)

exterior shot of cafe with sidewalk sign and a canada flag

Any local will tell you that Something’s Brewing is one of the “hottest spots” to “cool down” this summer! They are constantly coming up with different delectable drinks, from their dandelion peach iced tea to their classic strawberry banana smoothie! ANY drink off of their cold menu will cure your frizzy-hair fit in a pinch. Pick a seat on their deck, kick your feet up and enjoy their relaxing and friendly atmosphere. (SECRET MENU ITEM: Order a “lavender vanilla Italian soda”- it’s perfect for any sweet tooth looking to cool off!)

#9: St. Andrews Wharf

looking out at a wharf from shore at low tide

It may be directly in the sun, but the ocean’s breeze is sure to cool you off! The St. Andrews Wharf is a must-see for anyone visiting or traveling by. The enchanting, Atlantic atmosphere of St. Andrews is best felt when standing on the end of the wharf. A rich salt-water breeze can be endlessly felt while you watch the boats come and go. Talk to some of the quirky locals, snap some awesome photos, the Wharf is a “cool” hangout spot indeed.

#8: Ganong Nature Park / Todd’s Point

sunset at a bay

Great for those who are adventurous at all levels, Todd’s Point- located at the end of the Ganong Nature Park– is of the many “hidden beauties” Charlotte County has to offer. This location is perfect for a friendly picnic in the shade, a stroll along the water, or for the perfect sunset watching time. The simple breeze from the water will keep you cool for your time spent here. I won’t tell you much more about Todd’s Point, though; you have to explore it for yourself.

#7: Kingsbrae Garden

two people walking through a low spiral plant labryinth

Kingsbrae is one of those places that make you ask yourself, “is this real?”. Encompassed by flowers galore, Kingsbrae Garden is a place to be explored by all ages. Mostly shaded by trees, enjoy a gentle stroll and learn about nature. Meet some furry friends at the petting zoo, or bee-friend some bees in the bee garden; it’s up to you to decide what you would like to explore. After you’ve seen some marvelous scenery, enjoy a delicious bistro-style lunch at the Garden Café.

#6: Chocolate Park

a small gazebo on a hill of grass

Perfect for kids, the Chocolate Park (located in St. Stephen) is one of the best places to bring them on a hot sunny day. The park is complete with playground equipment as well as a splash pad to splash around in. Often in the summertime you can hear music being played far and wide from the Rotary Club Gazebo, bringing both tourists and locals together to hear some wonderful talent. Kids bored on a sunny Sunday afternoon? Look no further!

#5: W.T. Booth Memorial Pool (Milltown)

(Photo: W.T. Booth Memorial Pool)

Looking for somewhere to swim this summer? Look no further than the W.T. Booth Memorial Pool, A.K.A the famous Milltown Pool! Open daily, this public pool is for both the small and the daring with its kiddie pool to the big yellow dual-slide. Feel good about bringing your kids to swim here under its attentive lifeguard supervision and the enclosed pool area. Find one of the many picnic tables or chillax on the grass, because the Milltown Pool has got your back!

#4: Tall Tom’s Lemonade (St. Andrews)

Look up, waaaay up, and you’ll find Tom. Tall Tom’s Lemonade used to just be a pop-up lemonade stand, but 2018 has kindly given us a permanent Tall Tom’s location! Just to the right of the wharf in St.Andrews, Tall Tom’s offers fresh hand-pressed lemonade and homemade kettle corn. Tom’s recipe for lemonade remains top-secret as he and his team remain one of the most popular vendors in the area. If you can’t get to St. Andrews to try it out, don’t worry- Tall Tom’s still pops up at many events as well as the St. Stephen Farmer’s market every Friday. This is easy-peasy-lemon-squeasily one of the best local vendors to try out in Charlotte County.

#3: Dairy Delight

ice cream cone coated in chocolate

Twisted Bliss Dairy Delight is one of the best spots in the County to find a sweet ice cream treat! They have EVERYTHING from ice cream cake to dipped cones, slushies, and milkshakes! Open 12-9 daily (12-9:30 on Thursday, Friday, Saturday) There is a 100% chance they have something made just for you. My PERSONAL favorite is the “Monster Dip”, for $5 you can have this colossal treat served in a waffle cone covered in chocolate, topped with Oreo crumbs and doused with caramel in the center. Grab extra napkins, it’s worth the mess!

#2: Katy’s Cove

small sandcastle with a paper NB flag stuck in it

Wanting to have the perfect beach time, but don’t have all day? Katy’s Cove is the perfect place for you. Enjoy floating around in a small saltwater beach, with a gorgeous view of the Passamaquoddy Bay. Complete with white sand, chairs and a playground, Katy’s Cove is great for both a few hours or the whole day. Bring the kids or just bring yourself, relaxation awaits either way!

#1: New River Beach

sand beach in foreground ocean in background

New River Beach is the PERFECT place for the whole family. For both the playful and relaxing type, New River offers a beautiful view of the Bay of Fundy, staggered between green islands and land masses. There are barbecues available, as well as a volleyball net to “test” your skills. If the water of the Bay still isn’t cold enough for you, the New River Beach Canteen will treat you with some classic ice cream. This is certainly one of the best ways to spend an entire day, just don’t forget that sunscreen!

That’s it for this week, see you all next week with more Charlotte County tips & tricks!

– Juliet