ministers island

The Charlotte Coastal Region has so much to offer because some things you just can’t get anywhere else. One being the breath taking views of Charlotte County’s nature! Most of the views you will only see if you hike to them. This makes the trail worth it! To make sure you don’t miss out, here are some trails worth climbing!

New River Beach Barnaby Head Trail

is a 2.66 km trail that takes about an hour to hike. You will be walking along the Fundy shoreline with gravel beaches at your footsteps. Although the entire hike is filled with eye catching scenery, you will be standing at the “head” of the trail that gives you a view like no other of the beach and beyond.

new river beach

Connor Bros Nature Preserve at Pea Point

is a 1.63 km trail that takes about an hour to hike. The trail is most accessible at low tide due to the fact that it is right on the water. This trail has sea glass and the Pea Point Lighthouse at the end.

connor bros pea point

Simpson Hill

is a 0.79 km trail that takes about an hour to hike. This is a very popular trail for locals and tourists because of the view. When you reach the top of Simpson Hill you are standing on the highest most accessible lookout on the Canadian side of the river.

Minister’s Island

is a 7 km trail that takes about 3 hours to hike. This trail takes you around the entire island. You are able to view historical buildings and all of the beautiful scenery that Minister’s Island has to offer.

ministers island

Grand Manan Whale to Whistle

is a 5.26 km trail from Whale Cove to the Whistle Lighthouse that takes about 3 and a half hours to hike. This trail has plenty of things to explore including cliffs, waterfalls, and beaches. Although this is a time consuming trail, the experience is worth it.