Deer Island Folklore: Creation

Deer Island lighthouse with a blue sky background

Ever wonder where DeerĀ Island, Moose Island (Eastport), and The Wolves came from? According to folklore, Glooscap made them.

Glooscap is figure in the Wabanaki peoples tales, he is seen as the Creator, and is described a warrior against evil. He also possessed magical powers.

One day, while out in the Bay of Fundy, Glooscap saw a pack of three wolves chasing a deer and a moose into the water. He wanted to make the places they were in special, so he froze their chase in time. He turned the animals into islands. Today, you can still see the Deer and Moose side by side, and three Wolves in pursuit not far off shore.

Even today, the Fundy Isles are still all special in different ways. One of the worlds largest whirlpools is located between Deer Island and Moose Island. Many species of birds call South Wold Island home. So many, access to South Wolf is restricted between May and August, allowing the birds to breed. Not only do they offer unique features, they have some of the best views of the Bay of Fundy.

Deer Island is a great stop for any visitor, with gorgeous beaches and a one of a kind nature preserve. At the most southern point, you can see Eastport from the campground. While there, you’ll also see one of the many lighthouses and the Old Sow whirlpool. Plan a day trip to explore, or stay the night to experience the true life of an Islander.