The Bay of Fundy supplies some of the tastiest seafood on the East Coast.

This is the perfect reason to enjoy a delicious seafood dinner in beautiful Charlotte County. There are plenty of options to get your seafood fix! If you are looking to sit and relax, there are numerous restaurants, diners, and pubs that will always make you feel welcomed. If you are driving through and need a quick bite to eat, Charlotte County has several take outs that will fill your tummy with the yummiest seafood!

Most Charlotte County restaurants, pubs, and take outs are seafood based which makes finding a place to eat super easy!

The Harbour Front and The Gables in St. Andrews, and 5 Kings in St. Stephen, all have a fancier vibe with fantastic lobster dishes that will make you mouth water.

gables lobster

The Red Herring Pub in St. Andrews, Pub on Main in St. George, and Harbour Road Pub in Blacks Harbour, are great stops for delicious fish and chips.

Carman’s Diner and McNay’s Diner in St. Stephen have some of the best lobster rolls around!

Carman's diner lobster roll

King Street Takeout and Oak Bay Takeout in St. Stephen offer delicious fish and chips and breaded haddock.

Ossie’s Lunch, and Uncle Mayn’s in St. George offers massive seafood platters that could be shared with two. Along with yummy clams!

The Clam Digger in St. Andrews is very popular for its tasty seafood platter and lobster rolls!

Last but not least, Jonesie’s in Pennfield has a menu for seafood poutines that you just cannot get anywhere else!


Whether you want to sit and stay awhile or grab a quick bite on your way through, you will definitely get your seafood fix and it will be so worth it!