Every town of Charlotte County has something specific that attracts people from all over, whether it’s the Chocolate Museum in St. Stephen, the Railway Station in McAdam or whale watching in St. Andrews. However, these towns and villages have much more to offer that maybe doesn’t receive as much recognition. Here are the Top 5 Hidden Gems of Charlotte County.

Canal BeachCanal Beach
Canal beach, located in St George is a beautiful beach open to the public. The crowds are typically small and quiet; perfect for family fun or a relaxing day by yourself. The water is perfect for boating and water vehicles. This beach is perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day, with water temperatures that are refreshing without being too cold, and warm sand to sink your feet in.



Waterfalls Galore
Up for an adventure? Enjoy exploring one (or more) of 13 waterfalls Charlotte County has to offer. Exploring the back roads and forest trails is always a good idea, so why not get the best of both worlds by cooling off in a rushing waterfall while soaking up the natural beauty Charlotte County has to offer? For more information on these magnificent waterfalls, visit waterfallsnewbrunswick.caWaterfall

Exceptional Hiking trails
The Charlotte Coastal Region has some of the most beautiful scenery in New Brunswick, with lots of hiking trails for everyone to enjoy. If you’re headed towards the Rossmount Inn, enjoy the easy to climb trails behind the hotel, and after taking in the beautiful view, reward yourself with a refreshing drink at the bottom!

White Head Island
After visiting Grand Manan Island, take the free ferry to White Head Island. It is a small island with only one store, a very small one classroom school, and three great beaches. The island is perfect for exploring, whether for the geology, wildlife or their three astounding beaches.


On your travels through Charlotte County, at least one of these stops should make it on your itinerary. Each hidden gem mentioned embodies what it is to be in Charlotte County-great food, hospitality, nature, and fun!