The Net Point Trail is a short trail that follows the rugged coastline. The trail provides many views of Pettes Cove and the Swallowtail Lighthouse beyond. There are also several different types of rock formations along the trail that are interesting. Near the start of the trail there are several access trails to the beach below. The trail crosses in front of several houses. Soon the coastline is becomes more rugged and the side trails access lookouts to the ocean and the rocks below.

Near the southern end of Net Point the trail weaves in and out of the forest providing intermittent views of the weir poles that hold fishing nets. It is common to see cormorants looking for a meal or just enjoying the sun. Look south and you will see the eastern coast of Grand Manan. The trail will eventually come to a small field with the ferry terminal tank farm on the other side. This is the end of the trail and where you get to turn around and enjoy it all over again.


Pettes Cove
Grand Manan, NB