Spednic Lake

Spectacular views, great bass fishing, and tons of recreational fun await you on this vast lake on the border between Canada and the USA. A gateway to the St. Croix River, from here the river tumbles through rolling Appalachian scenery on one of the most historic estuaries in Canada, at Passamaquoddy Bay. The wetlands are also contain a remarkable collection of plants, trees, animals and birds, some of them quite rare.

Glaciers created Spednic Lake. As they advanced and retreated through this area they sculpted the land, carving this long and shallow lake, part of the Chiputneticook Lake chain. The collection of large boulders visible on the lakeshore or lurking just beneath the waves is another legacy of the glaciers. As the ice melted, the boulders were strewn throughout this area. Spednic is still relatively shallow lake with a maximum depth of only 16.5 metres. Consequently, it is extremely susceptible to wind.


Spednic Lake, NB