The Ganong Chocolatier

A trip to the Ganong Chocolatier store evokes the feeling of traveling back in time to a faithfully reproduced authentic early 1900’s candy store! Ganong has carefully re-created this old-fashioned candy store for you and your family to experience and enjoy. Feel what it’s like to be a kid again with some tough choices; come in to the Ganong Chocolatier store and taste the difference family tradition makes!
The Ganong Chocolatier store is a place where you’ll discover many old-fashioned chocolate varieties that have been made for over half a century. Each is an exquisite masterpiece of the confectioner’s art. Rich milk caramel, chocolate truffles, peanut butter cups, delicious double-dipped cherries, the one and only Ganong Original Chicken Bones and many, many more!


73 Milltown Blvd
Saint Stephen, NB
E3L 2H1