We’re building on the record tourism year in our region in in 2017 with fantastic benefits for our members and municipalities.¬†In addition to the $38,750 we are investing in our regional events and festivals, we’ve developed new programs to help grow the tourism sector – and as a member, they are yours to access!

Why should you consider joining the CCRTA?

1. The CCRTA Marketing Opportunities Fund

Do you have a marketing idea or opportunity, but it is just out of financial reach? We’ve developed this fund to specifically help our members with marketing opportunities that fall outside of our Event and Festival Grants. Is there an advertisement opportunity you’d like to make happen? A brochure or tool you know will benefit your business and help market the region? A package you’d like to promote? This fund is here to help you do it!

2. Member Training Fund

Do you have an idea about expanding your business, offering a new product, or changing how you operate, but lack the knowledge to do so? Have you found a best practices mission, training course, or certification, but would like help with the costs for you or your staff? With a current membership, you can apply to the CCRTA’s Member Training Fund to help offset the costs.

3. Training Events in our region for members

Each year, the CCRTA will be hosting a series of four events to help our businesses and organizations with marketing, product development, networking, and knowledge sharing. This year’s events will focus on identifying and promoting our existing assets, experiential tourism, and developing online marketing plans for businesses. These events will be available at a reduced cost to members.

4. Marketing Power for members

The CCRTA’s new marketing plan includes our newly updated Bay of Fundy Starts Here website, social media, trade show attendance, and the creation and promotion of video content. We actively promote our members and organizations through our joint work with the Province of New Brunswick, the Atlantic Canada Cruise Association, DownEast and Acadia Regional Tourism, the Tourism Association of New Brunswick, our regional Chambers of Commerce, traditional media outlets, and others.
You provide us with the details of who you are and what you do, and we share it with the world! We also provide training for VIC staff and volunteers, and employ 2 students each summer to help our members promote their businesses and events.

5. Help direct the future of the industry in our region

As a member of the CCRTA, you can attend and vote in our Annual General Meeting, sit on our board of directors, and serve on our sub-committees. For example, you can learn more about our Event and Festival grant program and become part of the committee that selects and mentors grant recipients; you can help direct our marketing strategy and budget; you can set strategic direction and policy for the CCRTA; you can identify advocacy issues that the CCRTA can address with all levels of government; you can help us redefine our membership and create a truly representative organization; you can help us identify needs and opportunities within the region for education and product development, and much more!

To become a member, contact the CCRTA or simply complete the online form.