Lakes in the Charlotte Coastal Region

While you’re in Charlotte County, you’ll see a lot of the ocean. Whether you’re on an island off the coast or even driving by it on the highway or a back road, you’ll always be able to see it.

But the lakes in our region have just as much to offer when it comes to beautiful views, fun activities, and fishing. Many locals go to the lakes to cool off in the summer heat, and countless people come to see what they can catch in the lakes. Kayaking, paddle boarding, and boating are some of the most popular lake activities, and with so many different lakes, the places and possibilities are endless.

Spednic Lake

Spectacular views, great bass fishing, and tons of recreational fun await you on this vast lake on the border between Canada and the USA.

McAdam Lake

Also known as Wauklehegan Lake, come and enjoy the breeze whisking through the pines and breathtaking sunsets on this picturesque lake in the heart of McAdam.

Foster Lake

Located near McAdam, whatever your fishing technique, your changes of getting a bite here are good.

Lake Utopia

A great spot for swimming, boating, fishing or just relaxing on the beach. Just watch out for the local lake monster!