Discover our history, delight in our nature

Located along Route 4, just 45 minutes from Fredericton, the Village of McAdam awaits! Warm and friendly, the community welcomes visitors to the Historic Railway Station, several restaurants, a beautiful lakeside campground and a unique country expeSpednic Lake PP_4580rience. Pick an adventure – canoe the St. Croix River, picnic at Spednic Lake, tour the station, hike the nature trail or browse through a variety of country shops.
McAdam is close to a number of lakes and rivers offering pristine wilderness, featuring natural beauty and abundant wildlife. The choice is yours – you can snowmobile, ride your ATV, hike or bike our scenic trails, all of which will compel you to extend your visit.

The Village of McAdam is known for their famous railway station, which used to host the “Railway Pie” event. That event has been replaced with “Tea With Abigail” but don’t worry … a cookbook of pie recipes is available for purchase.

Also in McAdam are local trails that anyone would enjoy walking through, one behind the railway station, and one located at Spednic Lake Provincial Park. If you’re looking to stay a while, the Wauklehegan Lake campground is located in the heart of McAdam, and is open until Thanksgiving weekend. As a bonus, from July 1st until September 30th, all campers will receive a free tour of the railway station.

The village of McAdam is a welcoming community awaiting your arrival!