Railway Pie is a wonderful experience offered every Sunday from 1-4 at the McAdam Railway Station. Railway Pie is a fundraiser happening every summer from July 1st to the end of September to raise money to help restore the beautiful historic site. For just $12 you can enjoy a large piece of pie- your choice ranges from 24 different flavours- and a tour of the station! The pies are all homemade and everyone enjoys the dessert while sitting in the 1950’s Lunch Counter. Once you try a piece, you’re going to want to order even more to take home!


Lunch Counter

You also get the fantastic and educational opportunity to explore the railway station in depth with a tour guide. There’s the option of a shorter tour and a more extended one-we suggest the extended tour for those interested in learning about everything to do with the station, from the young girls who worked at the station to all of the celebrities who have visited!

Railway Station room

In each room of the railway station, shocking stories are revealed about events that have taken place and the people who once occupied the room. The tour really takes you back in time and makes you feel like you are reliving the stories being told.

Railway Station room 2

If you ever happen to be driving through the McAdam area, or are looking to learn about the rich history of the railway station, I strongly suggest visiting the station on a Sunday afternoon and enjoying a few hours back in history! The Railway Pie alone compels many tourists and locals to come and enjoy the experience every Sunday afternoon!