Recreational Boating in Passamaquoddy Bay – what you need to know

sailboat towing dory in calm seas

Don’t let the world’s highest tides deter you from sailing into Passamaquoddy Bay! Exploring the Fundy Isles and shoreline is a sailing experience like no other.

Our Ports for Recreational Boaters

As a recreational boater, you’ll have a number of wharf options within the Passamaquoddy Bay region. Primarily used for commercial fishing and aquaculture, facilities vary in size, services, and availability for recreational boaters, so it’s good to do your research before you sail.

St. Andrews Market Wharf

Need to check your boat? You can ground out at St. Andrews Market wharf, thanks to the world’s highest tides!


The Market Wharf at St. Andrews is the primary wharf for recreational boating within the region. You’re steps away from all the amenities you may need, as well as the culture, history and food that St. Andrews is known for.

To learn more about services, rates, and how to make a booking, visit the Town of St. Andrews website.

Welshpool (Campobello)

welshpool wharf campobello

The Welshpool Wharf, Campobello

The newly refurbished wharf at Welshpool landing provides you with access to historic Campobello Island, beloved summer retreat of the Roosevelt family. For day visits, you can also sail directly to the floating wharf at Roosevelt Campobello International Park.

floating dock at campobello

The floating wharf at Roosevelt Campobello International Park.

North Head, Ingalls Head, White Head and Seal Cove (Grand Manan)

Grand Manan is a beautiful fishing island and has four primarily commercial wharf spaces that also accept pleasure boaters. There are limited services available at each wharf. You can find out more about rates, reservations, and services at the Grand Manan Harbour Authority website.

The North Head wharf is within walking distance of several restaurants and you can rent scooters to tour the island at the old North Head Post Office.


Planning your trip to Passamaquoddy Bay

Are you ready to plan your trip? The local Saint Andrews Recreational Boaters Association and Town of St. Andrews website are great sources of information on travel distances, navigation, tips and tricks to help you make your trip memorable, safe and fun.