Seven Places to Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower in Charlotte County

The Perseid Meteor Shower

Known as the most popular meteor shower of the year, the peak of the shower is August 12th at 1pm. Meaning that the night before and the night after will be the best show. This year because of the bright moonlight, there will be around 50 meteors per hour. It is best to watch the show where it’s the darkest. Here are seven great places to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower!

Ganong Nature Park

Ganong Nature PArk

The Ganong Nature Park has plenty of places to watch the meteor show. Whether you want to watch on the beach or in the field, you will get a breath taking view of the meteors.

Spednic Lake

Get a fantastic view of the metoers while sitting on the water at Spednic Lake.

South Head, Grand Manan

Enjoy sitting on the corner of Grand Manan and the best view on the island at South Head!

Pea Point Nature Preserve, Black’s Harbour

sandy and rocky ocean shoreline at Pea Point nature preserve NB

Photo by Stephen C Murray.

Sit on the rocks and enjoy the night sky at Pea Point Nature Preserve.

St. Andrews Waterfront

sailboat sitting on dry ground at low tide in St Andrews NB

The view from the St. Andrews Waterfront is the best for the annual fireworks, making this a great place to watch natures fireworks!

New River Beach

New River Beach

New River Beach is very quiet and peaceful at night. With minimal light from the street, you are guaranteed an astonishing view.

Head Harbour

Head Harbour

The privacy and views you will get on Head Harbour will make the trip worth it!