While visiting the Roosevelt Campobello International Park, an activity that attracts visitors of all ages and interests is Tea with Eleanor. Tea with Eleanor is offered in two locations, the Hubbard Cottage and the Wells-Shober Cottage, and each tea is unique. There’s no written script, the expert guides have written their talk on Eleanor Roosevelt. Every visit you’ll have the opportunity to learn even more about the humbling yet extraordinary life of Mrs. Roosevelt. During the talk, you are served cookies and tea, all while in one of the historic cottages.

Tea with Eleanor ticket for the Wells-Shober Cottage

Ticket to Tea with Eleanor

Wells-Shober Cottage

The gorgeous interior of the Wells-Shober Cottage.











The Expert Guides

The guides of Tea with Eleanor will tell you about her life and accomplishments. Their talks help put into perspective just have much she helped shaped the modern world’s human rights. Guides and provided with information on Eleanor, like her biography, and get to chose events from her lifetime that they believe are essential to telling her life story.

One of the many Expert Guides

One of the many Expert Guides.

Tea with Eleanor Expert Guide

The Expert Guides also serve the amazing tea!











The Experience

When you first walk into the cottage, you are overwhelmed with the historic beauty they maintain. One of the Expert Guides makes sure all the guests are comfortable and have their tea and cookies, while the other begins the journey through Eleanor’s life. You’ll laugh, feel humbled, and maybe even tear up during the stories, all while enjoying a cup of tea and cookies, and leave wanting to know more. A popular buy after tea? Mrs. Roosevelt’s biography.

An experience unlike any other, Tea with Eleanor is a must for anyone visiting Campobello. If you want to attend a tea, reservations can be made for tea in the Wells-Shober Cottage, or on a first come first serve basis at the Hubbard Cottage. So, make sure to stop by the Roosevelt Cottages for an experience you’ll always come back for.