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Life by the sea is wonderful. Seabirds, waves, marine life, lighthouses, beachcombing, seaglass, shells and other treasures. There is so much to show you and tell you about this exceptional region. When you are here we would love to hear about it! Use our #fundystartshere to share. 


Arnold Hawkins, a Beaver Harbour resident turned 110 January 30th, 2021. “It’s that sea air and potatoes and fish for supper” he attributes to his long life. For the last 5 years he has received visitors in his own home in Beaver Harbour, NB but with restrictions and health concerns this year there will not be any in-person visits. The family asked for cards to be sent and while they were hopeful to receive 110 to match his birthday. The amount received has been overwhelming! Over 6500 cards and gifts and they are still coming in. Happy Birthday Arnold! See you at your 111th next year.

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The Maritime Maven loves New Brunswick and travels to find hidden gems to share. Her photos represent the best of our region, our province and the Maritimes. Her stories are captivating and offer a little insight into our relaxed culture and beautiful province.