Food and drink


Get closer to the sea and our informal rural lifestyle through our food! Like many rural communities, family and social life revolves around the food we serve and the times we spend together.


Experience fine dining, Charlotte County style! The Rossmount Inn, owned and operated by renowned chef Chris Aerni, serves locally-grown dishes, with the food often grown on the grounds of the inn itself. Braxton’s at the Algonquin Resort in St. Andrews also serves outstanding locally-themed food and drink. Chef Alex Haun will delight you with the offerings at Savour in the Garden, located on the grounds of Kingsbrae Gardens.


Almost every community in our region hosts a weekly farmers market during the May to September season, with special market events held throughout the year. You’ll find local crafts and art, baked goods, preserves, and locally grown products at our markets. Find out when each community hosts its markets in our Events section.


Bay of Fundy seafood is unlike any other. Experience the taste of our lobster, clams, scallops, and fish during your stay. Whether you prefer a fine dining experience or a boil-up on the beach, our seafood will certainly be a memorable part of your holiday. If you can’t get enough salmon, lobster, or scallops and want to take some home with you, visit Wolfhead Smokers and Oven Head Smokers near St. George, as well as seafood sellers R&M Fish Shack in Back Bay and Spears Fishing and Charters in St. Andrews!


Nothing says New Brunswick quite like the take out. What is it? It’s a humble place, quite often on the roadside in rural areas, where you can stop for no-frills, stomach filling seafood, burgers, and ice cream. Don’t let the exteriors fool you, though – some take outs boast the best deep fried clams, seafood, and lobster rolls you’ll ever find! Join in with the locals and experience this summertime take out tradition.


We also love our pubs and diners here in the Charlotte Coastal Region. Don’t miss the iconic Carmen’s Diner in St. Stephen, which still has operating table-top jukeboxes and good, down home food. For fans of craft beer and great food, try the 5 Kings Restaurant and Picaroons Brewery in St. Stephen, the Kennedy Inn and the Red Herring Pub in St. Andrews, and the Pub on Main in St. George.