The Passamaquoddy First Nations, who have lived in our region for thousands of years, are known as the people of the place where pollock was plentiful. The natural and cultural history of our region is plentiful and diverse – and we welcome you to explore it with us.


One could argue that the nation of Canada was truly born with the attempt by Samuel de Champlain to create a year-round settlement on l’Isle de St. Croix, or St. Croix Island, in 1604. Though his settlement ultimately failed and he relocated to Port Royal, St. Croix Island remains an important part of early Acadian and Canadian history.


Our small communities are proud of their heritage and roots. We welcome you to explore our local museums, such as the Chocolate Museum, The Grand Manan Museum, The Ross Museum, the McAdam Train Station, Roosevelt Campobello International Park, Beaver Harbour Archive and Museum; Blacks Harbour Heritage Museum; Charlotte County Archives and oh so many more!


Does your family trace its roots back to the Charlotte Coastal Region? You can explore your family roots through our museums, archives, and genealogical groups. Trace your connections to our Loyalist and immigration history at the Charlotte County Archives, Beaver Harbour Archives and with the New Brunswick Genealogical Society.