The artisans of the Charlotte Coastal Region are as diverse as the landscape itself. Throughout each community and the rural areas in between, you will find artists, farmers, and crafters of traditional and modern schools that are inspired and driven by the land on which they live.


You’ll find many traditional and non-traditional skilled artisans in the Charlotte Coastal Region, fostered by local groups such as the non-profit Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre. The thriftiness of our spirit appears in our art, which often includes recycled and found items such as rope and sea glass. Jewellers, potters, textile artists, and painters in all mediums find inspiration in their surroundings.


Our local farmer’s markets are an excellent opportunity to view and purchase handcrafted and locally grown goods. Weekly markets take place throughout the summer season in St. Andrews, St. Stephen, Grand Manan, and St. George; a bi-weekly market takes place on Deer Island during the summer months. Special markets are also held throughout the year. Local farmers and food providers have goods for sale, as well as many local and regional artisans and crafters.


Our region is largely rural. As a result, you’ll often discover small home studios and galleries as you make your way along our roads and byroads. In addition, there are a number of galleries and studios concentrated in St. Andrews. If you see a sign, be sure to stop in. Not only will you have the opportunity to purchase local art, you’ll be able to see the artisan in their home environment and learn the history behind their work!