Go sightseeing in an area like no other while visiting Charlotte County! From iconic spots like the Swallow Tail Lighthouse on Grand Manan and the Bathhouse on Ministers Island to finding your own favorite view around this beautiful area, there will be no shortage of breathtaking pictures for you to share with friends and family.


With so much rugged coastline, our picturesque and numerous lighthouses serve an important navigational and historical purpose. There are 7 major ones on or around Grand Manan alone! Some lighthouses are open to the public, like the Head Harbour lighthouse on Campobello. Many are still in use, and to this day guide captains away from the dangerous shores.


While Covered Bridges are a disappearing part of our history, many can still be found in many places throughout Charlotte County. With over 5 different bridges to see, each will offer visitors a one of a kind story. Locals love the Canal Covered Bridge, with a view overlooking the Magaguadavic River in St. George, and the recently repaired Maxwell Crossing Bridge near St. Stephen.


We also love our pubs and diners here in the Charlotte Coastal Region. Don’t miss the iconic Carmen’s Diner in St. Stephen, which still has operating table-top jukeboxes and good, down home food. For fans of craft beer and great food, try the 5 Kings Restaurant and Picaroons Brewery in St. Stephen, the Kennedy Inn and the Red Herring Pub in St. Andrews, and the Pub on Main in St. George.

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