Charlotte County is nestled by the coast of the Bay of Fundy, which has the highest tides in the world, with an average range of 14.5 meters. Those tides are home to some of the most unique and interesting marine life! The dark bottoms are home to lobster, bottom feeding fish like Flounder, and all kinds of sea plants, while closer to the top is home to many kinds of fish, marine mammals like seals and whales, and lots of birds!


You’ll be out on a boat, on the pristine waters of the Bay of Fundy, and before your eyes, you’ll see a whale breach out of the water! Minke Whales, Finback Whales, Humpback whales, and the rare North Atlantic Right Whales can be spotted in the waters off the Charlotte County coast, giving visitors an up close view of these gentle giants. Almost every area offers whale watching, many from St. Andrews, Campobello, and Grand Manan. Whale Watching is a must-do for all visitors!


What could be more fun than being able to touch or see some of the unique marine life the Bay of Fundy has to offer? Charlotte County offers so many opportunities for visitors to experience our marine life in ways they might not be able to in the wild. The Huntsman Marine Science Center offers visitors a chance to see Harbour Seals up close, and they offer two large touch tanks full of quirky marine animals. The Wild Salmon Nature Center makes coming face to face with Atlantic Salmon easy with their tanks full of them swimming around, too!


One of the best ways to see just what our ocean has to offer is through diving. You’ll be able to go down to the bottom and see all the marine life that you wouldn’t be able to see any way else, as well as see all kinds of “ghost” gear, fishing gear that was lost in the sea. Diving gives visitors a change to see marine life in their natural habitat, which is the best way to see any creature. Diving is also done commercially in Charlotte County, divers will help untangle ropes from propellers, clean the bottoms of salmon cages, repair nets, and retrieve lost fishing gear.

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