The Roosevelt’s beloved summer retreat was on Campobello island, known for its pristine beauty and large array of outdoor recreation. Those same qualities are what attract many to Campobello still, as well as the Roosevelt Cottage and two gorgeous nature parks. The island has a population of around 800 permanent residents, many of which have employment with the fishing or aquaculture industry. To get to this island, you can come by bridge year round, or by a ferry from Deer Island during the summer usually between mid-June until the end of September.


When visiting Campobello, there is no end to the places you can see. The island boasts the Herring Cove Provincial Park, along with the Roosevelt Campobello International Park, two breath-taking areas that will offer any visitor amazing sights of untouched nature. The Owen House lets visitors step back in time to the early 1800’s, with quilts, fireplaces, and furniture still there from its construction in 1835, by the son of the captain who was granted the island in 1769. A must for every visitor is to stop by the Head Harbour Lighthouse, and explore not only the lighthouse, but the keepers house as well. The lighthouse has been at Head Harbour since 1829, and inside offers a unique history lesson on it use. There are also many opportunities to go out whale watching in the Bay of Fundy from Campobello, like Captain Riddles Tours!

Campobello has 4 restaurants, a coffee house, and 3 services stores, allowing visitors a variety of things to eat after a long day exploring the island. There are also different gift shops and art studios around the island, each offering a selection of souvenirs to bring back home from your trip.