Deer Island

Deer Island is the smallest of the 3 inhabited Fundy Islands, and boasts a population of nearly 700 full time residents. The Island is nestled between L’etete, Campobello and Eastport, Maine, and is only accessible by ferry. Deer Island has been inhabited by European settlers since 1770, with the main industries all based around aquaculture. Lobster fishing, dragging for scallops and sea pumpkins, as well as salmon farming are the main forms of employment, although in the past, fishing weirs was the prime industry.


Deer Island has several unique features, including being exactly half way between the equator and the north pole, as well as being the site of the opening of the first lobster pound in North America. The Island is also the home of the largest whirl pool in the Western Hemisphere. The best time to view the whirlpool, nicknamed the Old Sow, is 3 hours before high tide, and it’s stronger during a full moon.

During the summer, a drive around Deer Island will offer anybody breath-taking views of sunsets or sunrises, ocean views that are postcard worthy, and very unique flora and fauna. Wild flowers like lupines bloom all around, as well as the pink wild roses by beaches, the setting sun against the sky will turn it beautiful tones of orange, yellow, and pink, and you’ll more than likely spot a few white-tail deer on the way. While you’re on the Island, there are many things you can do, too, like whale watching, sightseeing excursions, scuba diving, bird watching, canoeing, camping, hiking, cycling, boat tours, geocaching or just a little old-fashioned beach combing!