Home of New River Beach , Baybreeze Motel and Restaurant (featured in “where to eat in Canada”), Clipper Shipp Motel, and  Ocean View Camping all in the small village of Pocologan which is located on the Bay of Fundy between Saint John and St. George. Although it is one of the smallest communities in the Charlotte Coastal Region, it is one of the most fascinating with magnificent water views everywhere. The sunrise is also amazing and seals and seabirds are happy to keep an eye on you.


When driving through Pocologan, there are many roads you can take, including McCarthy’s Point Road, that offer a beautiful view of the area. Ask a local the best places to view local waterfalls, of which there are many!

The New River Beach Provincial Park is home to one of Charlotte County’s largest sand beaches and magnificent hiking trails. Nearby in Chance Harbour, you’ll find New Brunswick’s only nordic style spa and you can take the scenic route through Dipper Harbour, Maces Bay and Lepreau to see the most coastline. Watch those huge waves at high tide … they sometimes splash high enough to get the road wet.