St George Gorge

St. George

On the Magaguadavic River between Passamaquoddy Bay and Lake Utopia, you’ll find the charming town of St. George, New Brunswick, with a population of just over 1500 people. The town of St. George was founded in 1784, and was known as the “Granite Town” because of the several granite quarries operated in the nineteenth and early twentieth century.

Whether you have a passion for nature, a love of art and history, or are looking for a taste of local delicacies, St. George and the surrounding area has something for you.


Enjoy the warm smiles of employees while shopping in locally owned stores such as the Country Market Bakery with delicious home-baked goodies like cookies, cakes, pies and pickles or the Coach House Boutique where you can browse for hours at the unique items. St. George is home to many welcoming restaurants including the Birch Grove restaurant, Pub on Main, Fortune River in the Mall, or Ossie’s Seafood & Takeout.

Take home a taste of St. George with locally grown wild blueberries from Granite Town Farms, freshly smoked salmon from Wolfhead Smokers or Ovenhead Smokers, and fresh meat products from Terry’s Beef n’ More. A farmer’s market is held every Saturday during the summer months beside Granite Town Farms.

You won’t want to miss the St. George Summer Festival, held in July or the wild blueberry festival held in August every year. Sunsets on the Magaguadavic River are incredible and so many trails to put you in the middle of nature. It is not uncommon to see a beaver or otter wandering the trail, songbirds galore, birds of prey everywhere (eagles, ospreys, and turkey vultures), herons and cranes plus an amazing assortment of fauna. The town of St. George awaits!