Sunrise or Sunset, Landscape or Waterscapes, Wildlife, Nature, Historical Buildings, Lighthouses, Covered Bridges, Waterfalls, Fishing Boats, or a portrait of a weathered fisherman. The subjects are endless, the scenery is amazing and the memories will be unforgettable!


Should I just list them? With an abundance of forest friends or water lovers you will not be at a loss for subjects. Deer are seen everywhere and watch for them at crosswalks in St. Andrews. McAdam and Pennfield are the places for a likely Moose sighting, Eagles and Ospreys have nests throughout the region. Rabbits, Foxes, Coyotes, and Bears are never far and if you’re near the ocean of course you’ll see seals, whales, and maybe even a shark!

Sunrise or Sunset

Amazing is the only word to describe our gorgeous skies. Every colour of the rainbow and oh yes we also have exceptional rainbows and sundogs. Sky reflections on the water whether it’s a soft pink morning sunrise, fluffy white clouds distressing the blues or a burning orange horizon. Add in bird or fishing boat silhouettes and your photo is prize worthy.

Waterscapes or Landscapes

Clouds reflecting on the ocean blue, ragged shores, crashing waves, or a perfectly still river with a mirror reflection. Burning red blueberry fields, mountain top views of the ocean meeting the coast, a forest of white birch trees or a solitary pine tree. Come capture our coast.

Photo of the Month

Thank you to WeDrone NB Charlotte County from Above for the amazing images and we are showcasing this exceptional view of Head Harbour Lighthouse on Campobello Island. This lighthouse is accessible at low tide and definitely worth exploring.WeDroneNB