Stores galore! Whatever you’re looking for just ask and someone will know the best spot to send you. Souvenirs or Sweaters; Hats and Hoodies; Original Paintings; Artisans of all types are waiting show you their wares.


Whether it’s a hoodie to keep you warmer as the breeze picks up or you forgot to pack a cocktail dress and find yourself invited to a evening of great food and conversation. We got you covered! St. Andrews has excellent shops for everything you’re looking for. The Leather House is an excellent shop for fashion. My Space Giftshop is an East Coast Lifestyle distributor as well as stocking other great products. The Crazy Moose carries full lines of exceptional hats, tees and hoodies, sweatshirts, socks and whole lot more. 

Fresh Seafood

Seafood is in abundance in our region. Smoked or Fresh Salmon; Scallops; Haddock or Halibut; Clams and Mussels; and for the more adventurous tastes how about some fresh local seaweed called Dulse or pick your own periwinkles on the beach to cook. 


Amazing Artisans