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5 trails to hike this summer in the Charlotte Coastal Region

From coastal treks on the mainland to scenic trails on the Fundy Isles, Southwest New Brunswick has some of best hiking in North America for amateurs and experienced adventurers alike. From more challenging routes through provincial parks to leisurely walking paths, there’s something for every level of outdoor explorer. Whether you choose inland trails through the lush forests and winding rivers or explore the rugged coastline, you’re sure to catch a glimpse of unique natural wonders and marine life in the protected paradise of the Bay of Fundy. Here are some of our favourites – but there are many more too!

1.  Ganong Nature Park (St. Stephen)

With 11 trails throughout this 180 acre property there will be plenty to keep you moving. Explore the beach at low tide, visit the Ganong cottage, Quoddy Kiosk, John Smith Farm, and the many discoveries along the way.

2. Van Horne Trail (St. Andrews)

Starting at the end of Water Street across from Langmaid Park. This trail is wide and paved so you can enjoy the coastal breeze and most likely see wildlife along the way. The trail runs across the back of a campground then loops back and continues through a patch of wooded area as you pass by the access to Pagan Point Nature Preserve. It is not long before it opens up and your view becomes a grassy inlet with Pagan Point on the right. Beyond the Point is Passamaquoddy Bay. This wonderful trail takes you past Katy’s Cove then to a causeway and at this point you can usually see across to the Bath House and the mansion on Minister’s Island. The trail travels along the shore of Passamaquoddy Bay until it reaches the Bar Road, where you can cross if the tide is out.

3.  Lighthouse Trail (Grand Manan)

The Lighthouse Trail is one of the long trails in the province but can be easily broken up into day hikes. Start your adventure by hiking along the grassy plateau on the cliff tops. Pass by Dark Harbour and see where the locals harvest and dry dulse, a unique seaweed delicacy. As you reach the northern tip of the island, you see the Whistle Lighthouse, the first lighthouse you saw on your ferry ride to the island. Pass by the Hole-In-The-Wall formation, a rocky arch that reaches out and dips into the ocean like a giant’s finger. This is only a few of the many fascinating things you will see along this multi-day hike around Grand Manan Island.

4.  McAdam Nature Trails (McAdam)

The McAdam Nature Trail circles around McAdam Pond. McAdam Pond is a small pond created by a dam behind the historic train station. The trail is mostly flat and travels between some large boulders that are prevalent in this area. The trail provides many views of the historic train station across the pond. The trail goes in and out of the woods near the back of the pond where the pond is shallower and provides more grassy views. There is also a small covered bridge that crosses one of the streams feeding the pond. There are several benches along the trail so you can sit and enjoy views. The trail eventually comes out of the woods along the tracks farther up from the train station.

5.  Ducks Unlimited Walking Trail (St. George)

This 15- to 20-minute walking trail leads you on a scenic hike through marshes and wetlands along the lovely Magaguadavic River. The trail starts on Marsh Lane behind Granite Town Blueberry Farms.


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