A Foodies Guide in Charlotte Coastal

From fresh seafood to regional delicacies, the Bay of Fundy is a foodie’s paradise. Here are some of the tasty things you don’t want to miss!


Celebrated for centuries for their amazing health benefits, wild blueberries are in abundance in southern New Brunswick, with August being peak harvesting season. Stop at local blueberry stand such as Granite Town Farms in St. George for fresh berries by the basket (or box), along with blueberry wine, jellies, pies and much more.


Small-family owned seafood businesses throughout the region, such as Wolfhead  Smokers and R&M Fish Shack, pride themselves on their signature hot and cold smoked salmon, along with other delectable indulgences, such as jerky and pâté. You’ll find local chefs serving their products too, in places like the Rossmount Inn, Savour Cafe in the Garden, and the 5 Kings Restaurant and Brewhouse. We tried to take a photo for this post, but we accidentally ate it first.


Packed with vitamins, dulse might be somewhat of an acquired taste, but the dried red seaweed is a bucket list must-try for visitors wishing to explore the provincial palate. Be sure to try Grand Manan’s Dark Harbour dulse, which is frequently heralded as the best dulse in the world. It’s often available in local shops throughout the region and at farmer’s markets. You may even find it in your evening cocktail!


Whether you have them pan-seared, fried, bacon-wrapped or served ceviche, Bay of Fundy scallops feature the shellfish at its finest. You can even go out on a research vessel with marine biologists and taste them fresh from the sea!


Whether you partake in a traditional Bay of Fundy lobster boil or opt for a more high-end culinary crustacean experience such as Chef Chris Aerni’s famed “lobster cocktail” at the Rossmount, lobster dinner is a must for seafood lovers. Diehard lobster enthusiasts can also make it a personal mission to taste test every lobster roll in the region – almost every restaurant and take-out has their own version!


Not only is Ganong Canada’s oldest chocolate and candy company, the world-famous chocolatier still makes all of its products in St. Stephen. Candy connoisseurs should pick up a bag (or two) of Ganong’s signature Chicken Bones—spicy cinnamon-flavoured candies filled with bitter-sweet chocolate. If you visit during August’s Chocolate Festival, you can even try your luck at hand dipping chocolates yourself!

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