The Charlotte Coastal Region is a excellent destination for family fun. There are also plenty of places to use your imagination and run free – skip rocks, hunt for treasure, look for sea creatures like sand dollars or crabs, collect beach glass, fish for mackerel off a wharf, or just wander on the ocean floor while the tide is out. Of course we have some favorites listed here. Share your adventure with us on Instagram with the hashtag #fundystartshere

Find Treasures on the Beach

From sand dollars to sea urchins to crabs to seastars, there are plenty of treasures to be found exploring our many beaches and coastlines on the Bay of Fundy. Our coastline is rich with sea glass and colourful shells. Make sure no one is still occupying that shell though

Lunch with Llamas

After touring the impressive Kingsbrae Gardens, be sure to dine in the adjacent café where the garden’s resident alpacas make their daily lunchtime appearance on the front lawn, weather permitting. You may also see posing peacocks, friendly goats as well as chickens, rabbits, and roosters wandering around the animal section.

Get up close with sea creatures

The Fundy Discovery Aquarium has experts to teach you about marine life. Learn about all the unique creatures the Bay of Fundy has to offer while getting hands-on experience with some of the undersea locals at the touch tank. Rare lobsters with colouring from translucent to black and orange to blue. Have you seen a live blue lobster? Learn how to hold a crab or pick up a sea cucumber. Watch the skates perform and remember Loki and Snorkel the resident seals are fed twice a day …. you don’t want to miss that!

See What the Whales are Doing

Get up close and personal with whales, seals, porpoises and seabirds while experiencing views of the rugged coastline and embracing the clean air from the ocean. Keep your eyes open for eagles flying by or watching you from their nest and seals are always popping up to check you out.

There are these and many more ways to have the most memorable family vacation ever in New Brunswick!